First Post!

After graduating high school this past Saturday I have decided to turn my love of baking into a blog for summer. The sun has finally reached isolated Montana; with Farmer’s Market and many wonderful summer events, cooking inspiration is everywhere! When I’m not out hiking, running, or adventuring I will probably be in the kitchen making something splendid 🙂
Many recipes, tips, and tales to come 
Happy SummerImage
(My family and I at graduation)

2 thoughts on “First Post!

  1. And a Beautiful Family it is !!! Its a good thing I see your Mom in each of you, because than I know she is there too. (hope your mom did well on the tests) I love your blog !!! You baking girl you, The new Misses Becky Homecky 🙂 Looking forward to trying out some of your recipes !!

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